Starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, The Bodyguard is one of those mythical movies of the 90s that have become a phenomenon over the years, thanks to its great soundtrack and a love story that crossed the screen by chemistry of its protagonists. Well, the company Stage Entertainment is responsible for uploading it on stage in a new scenic format. The Bodyguard, the musical is led by Iván Sánchez and Maxi Iglesias, who alternate in the role of Frank, while the main actress is the singer of musicals Fela Domínguez.

This romantic thriller tells the story of a pop star, Rachel Marron, who is forced to hire the services of an experienced bodyguard before the harassment of a fan. The relationship that arises between them and the secrets that arise around the plot, greatly complicate the fate of both. How could it be otherwise, the script has many of the songs that made the soundtrack of the film the best selling of all time with no less than 48 million copies worldwide.

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Where: Coliseum Theater
Prices: From 24 euros. New Year’s Eve special function, from 47 to 99 euros.
Company: Stage Entertainment
Director: Carline Brouwe; Xavier Torras (mus.)
Performers: Fela Domínguez, Maxi Iglesias / Iván Sánchez



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Date Since September 29, 2017
Address Gran Vía, 78  Madrid Mapa
Schedule S a las 18 y 22 h. D a las 18 h. M, X y J a las 20.30 h.
Price From 24 euros. New Year’s Eve special function, from 47 to 99 euros.
How to get Metro – Plaza España
Telephone +34 902 488 488