Photo by miniencuadro

Life in miniature. Although it sounds like a paradox, this may be the best way to look at it, right up close and very small, forcing our eyes to pay attention to every detail. After the orderly facades of the houses and buildings that are piled up in the cities, that life insists on hiding under the apparent insignificance of the everyday, letting glimpse, from time to time, micro doses of magic, humor, surrealism and a certain imbalance within so much order.

The exhibition by Laura Millán (Miniencuadro) reinterprets in miniature these wild buildings, showing, like someone who opens a toy house in half or who reads a story from 13 Rue del Percebe, the interior life of each house. Daily scenes, intimate, some absurd, others comic, other magical and surreal, that open wide or hide behind a facade to whose back we can look out.

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Date 14.12.2017 – 19.03.2018
Address Hall del Hotel 7 Islas – C/ Valverde, 14. Mapa
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Price Free