Feria Internacional de la Recuperación y el Reciclaje
Photo by PixaBay

The sixth edition of the International Recovery and Recycling Fair, SRR 2018, organized by IFEMA and held between June 13 and 15 at the Feria de Madrid, will have an original artistic look on waste and its reuse as raw material to create spectacular sculptures.

Thanks to the close collaboration of SRR with the Festival of Urban Trends, MULAFEST, the 2018 edition of SRR will feature a space dedicated to the exhibition of various works by the sculptor Ángel Cañas, a self-taught artist committed to the Environment who, after Many years dedicated to painting and drawing, he discovered in sculpture with ecological message a way to reflect his need to create. This allows you to experiment and explore with new recycled and reused materials. Cañas was already present at MULAFEST 2017 and will be again in the edition of this contest of 2018 (June 22 to 24). The Exhibition has the collaboration of ANREPA, the National Association of Pile Recyclers.

With these elements, the artist helps to move consciences, so that this Planet is a little cleaner, and that a problem as big as waste management can be seen from another point of view more attractive.

These are works full of detail that give a great realism, despite the roughness of the elements used, with which aims to raise awareness of the need to recycle and convey an ecological message.

Ángel Cañas chooses animals as a theme, to make apology in addition to the rights of animals and criticize taxidermy. The rough and strong texture of the tires, their grooves and studs give their sculptures the strength and aggressiveness of the animals, while at the same time giving them a realistic effect with the details of the skin, hair, etc.

All visitors to the ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABILITY FORUM, FSMS 2018, which includes SRR, TECMA, ESCLEAN and the MADRID CITIZENS FORUM, will be able to admire the work of Ángel Cañas at the Feria de Madrid.


Exposición Ángel Cañas “Arte reciclado” Pamplona
Exposición Ángel Cañas “Arte reciclado” Pamplona