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There are many ways to travel around the city and each of them has its attraction, its pros and cons. Today we want to talk about the use of the bicycle to move around Madrid and its surroundings.

Using the combination of bicycle and public transport can travel long distances without harm to the environment. This practice can be done without any problem but you must have certain considerations before going out.

Bike and public transport

Next we will tell you how to circulate with the bicycle combining with public transport. Although it seems easy, the use of transport services has its conditions of use, regulations and schedules. To travel without disturbing others and having no problems, follow these simple steps.

Using the Train

Bicycles can be transported in Madrid’s Cercanías trains under the following specific conditions:

  • Only one bicycle per traveler will be allowed.
  • The traveler carrying the bicycle must be in possession of a valid transport certificate and will not pay any amount for this service.
  • If the occupation of the train is elevated and the traveler carrying a bicycle can not make his trip or could cause inconvenience, he may opt for another train or for the refund of the total amount of his ticket.
  • The bicycles will be transported in the spaces designated for it. In the case of no signage, the spaces destined for transport and conditioning will be the access spaces for the authorized trains, without invading, in any case, the corridors and the non-folding seating areas.
  • The loading, custody and unloading of bicycles will be done by their owners.
  • The limit of bicycles allowed to transport will be determined by the availability of space at any time, except on line C-9, the maximum number of bicycles allowed to transport will be six per composition.
  • On the C-9 line, access to the Cercanías with bicycle service can only be done from the Cercedilla and Cotos stations. It is not allowed to transport bicycles in winter season or until, from and between intermediate stops.
  • Renfe is not responsible for any damage or loss that may occur during the journey.

Bike and EMT buses

  • It is allowed to access and travel on EMT buses with an FOLDED bike of the size equivalent to a carry-on baggage, depending on the occupation of the vehicle.
  • It is mandatory to fold the bicycle before climbing.
  • Only one bicycle per bus is allowed. The bicycle must be placed on the central platform properly secured by the owner. People who travel in wheelchairs have preference of use of the central platform with respect to bicycles.
  • Bicycles can be transported without folding exclusively on buses with specific external support. There are currently supports available on the buses of the Exprés Aeropuerto line and on line 33 (only Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

Bike and the subway network

  • Only one bicycle per traveler will be allowed.
  • The bicycle carrying traveler will be responsible for its custody and care, avoiding in their displacements cause damage or inconvenience to people and / or damage or damage to the facilities and mobile material of the metropolitan railway, being responsible for any damages that may be caused cause with it.
  • Train journeys will be made, placing a maximum of two bicycles in the head car and two bicycles in the tail car, in both cases always next to the driving cabins. On trains equipped with reserved spaces for bicycles, these must be placed in said spaces.
  • The traveler carrying a bicycle may transport it on escalators, moving walkways and elevators, as long as the occupancy level allows it and no inconvenience to other people is caused.
  • It is not allowed to drive the bicycle in the facilities (corridors, platforms, etc.)
  • In any case, Metro may limit access with bicycles when they may harm the normal operation of the service and, in particular, when there are particular circumstances that, in their opinion, so require, such as agglomerations, breakdowns or other incidents that make the transit and mobility within the facilities.
  • From Monday to Friday you can access with your bike during all hours of service, except from 7:30 to 9:30, from 2:00 to 4:00 and from 6:00 to 8:00. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays you can do it during all hours of service.
  • 92 stations of the network do not have time restriction of access with bicycles. Check which are in access with bicycles and in the official Metro de Madrid app.

If in any case, within the established hours in which travel is not allowed, a traveler will be in the facilities with a bicycle, the Metro staff, after evaluating the situation and whenever the circumstances allow it (little influx of travelers , etc.), will allow to continue traveling, informing of it to the Central Control Post. Otherwise, the traveler will be informed that he will not be able to continue the trip.

Finally, we indicate that for the purpose of transport, bicycles that are folded, as well as children’s bicycles, will be considered as handbags, being governed by the regulations of these established in Article 2, section b) of the Regulations of Travelers of Metro de Madrid.


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