The next day 8 coinciding with the celebration of International Women’s Day, Madrid hosts a new edition of the festival of female creation, Ellas Crean.

It is a cultural event organized by the Institute for Women and Equal Opportunities and Conde Duque that reaches its 14th edition with a multidisciplinary and varied program that brings together referents and new female figures of cinema, literature, music , the theater and many more disciplines to achieve voice and recognize through their different creations the political and social change.

For this new edition of the festival of women’s creation they wanted to choose how it could not be otherwise a date as marked as it is the International Women’s Day. Ellas Crean is an initiative that includes a multidisciplinary program in which talented women show their full potential.

Among the activities hosted by the Count Duque you can enjoy the dance show Óyeme con los ojos that will open the event. The dancer and choreographer, Maria Pagés will also participate narrating a performance, inspired by a poem by Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz, existential issues of women.

On March 10 will be on stage to Women 17/27, Elephants in the Black Box, a proposal that brings together 30 women from 6 different countries through contemporary dance. On March 14 will premiere at Madrid Pour, a show that mixes interpretation and dance and explores the strength and vulnerability of women.

And much more … so as not to miss anything, access to Full program.