The capital celebrates one more year the International Jazz Day where it will host an extensive program of activities related to music and dance for more than a week. It will be held from April 23 to May 2 at the hands of La Noche en Vivo and The World Jam together with the support of Cervezas Alhambra, municipal dance and music schools and the main jazz halls.

The program will offer a huge variety of multidisciplinary activities with which it is intended to promote this musical style that will also offer its visitors jazz in all its facets: music, dance and masterclass.

Several Madrilenian rooms will join this festival: Bogui Jazz, Café La Palma, Casa Patas, Clamores, El Despertar, El Intruuso, El Junco or Galileo Galilei will host numerous concerts by artists such as Afrojam, Liss Da Silva, Elizabeth Shepperd or Alikhattabtrio.

In this year’s program there is also a place for dance, with classes and workshops given by schools such as Big Mama Ballroom, Escuela de Música Creativa or Escuela Swing Maniacs, which include swing, lindy hop and tap and the performances of bailar José Barrios and Clara Gutiérrez.


From April 23 to May 2

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