The objective of this trip is to remember the route of what was the first railway of the Community of Madrid and the second one of the Peninsula, since then, the Tren de la Fresa has remained faithful to its annual appointment.

“The iron road between Madrid and Aranjuez, rather than bringing both points together, unites them”
Francisco Nard, Aranjuez Guide, 1851

The Strawberry Train is a classic of Madrid tourism, an interesting cultural and leisure excursion, which allows you to enjoy a tour in a historic train and a magnificent day in Aranjuez, a city declared a World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO in 2001.


The Train

Tren de las Fresas - Furgón
Photo by Museodelferrocarril

The train that runs the Madrid-Aranjuez route consists of the historic four-passenger cars “Costa”, a van DV, a car type J, which were restored and adapted to provide service, and metal cars of the series “cincomiles” , the BB-5045 car of the late 1940s.



Aranjuez, ideal destination

The trip in the Strawberry Train is destined to Aranjuez, a city declared a World Heritage Cultural Landscape by UNESCO in 2001, considering it a clear example of heritage wealth, from an ecological, artistic and cultural point of view. Its geographical location at the confluence of the Tagus and its main tributary, the Jarama, together with the wise intervention of man over nature over the centuries, make it a garden, in a varied and rich landscape characterized by a wide botanical and animal diversity.

Tren de la Fresa - Aranjuez

In 1561 Aranjuez was registered by desire of Felipe II in a system of Royal Sites, a set of residences for an itinerant court that spent the winter in Madrid, spring in Aranjuez, summer in La Granja and autumn in El Escorial. The Royal Palace initiated by this monarch was hardly subject to major changes until the arrival of the Bourbons and in particular of Ferdinand VI, who commissioned the architect Santiago Bonavía the main facade and the Plaza de Armas, and Carlos III, who added two wings perpendicular to the main facade, the Plaza de Armas and the Palace Parade. The interior is a journey through the history of the Spanish monarchy and the sumptuary and decorative arts of the 18th and 19th centuries.

Tren de la Fresa - Aranjuez

Carlos IV equipped the city with the Real Casa del Labrador, a beautiful neoclassical building located in the Jardín del Príncipe, where the rebellious, splendid and picturesque nature offers the visitor a pleasant walk. The gardens are another of the main attractions of Aranjuez, and there are French-style ones, such as the Parterre, or of Italian-inspired inspiration, such as that of the Island, or even corners with an intimate and familiar atmosphere, such as the King’s Garden, hidden in the palace.

The monarchy is also linked to the Museum of Faluas, which houses the recreational river boats used by the kings to navigate the Tagus, as well as the Sotos and Historical Walks of the town or the great Calle de la Reina, a magnificent walk between bananas up to 40 meters high.


  • May – 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27
  • June – 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30
  • September – 22, 23, 29, 30
  • October – 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21

Purchase of tickets

  • Railway stations with advance sales
  • Travel agency
  • Through telephone 912 320 320 (telephone sale of Renfe)
  • Renfe online sale in

Travel conditions (Important)

  • Round trip on the Strawberry Train.
  • The Tren de la Fresa coast cars were built between 1914 and 1930, they are not adapted, nor is it foreseeable that they can be adapted.
  • The Royal Palace, the monumental zone and the gardens are obligatory to visit them on foot so that in all the routes one walks a lot, it is necessary to wear comfortable footwear.
  • Children under one meter of height travel free if they go over their parents and do not occupy a seat.
  • The access control will be closed 10 minutes before the departure of the train.
  • The numbered seats, each passenger will occupy their assigned seat.
  • Possibility of return on Sunday without additional cost (limited places, consult information).
  • The ticket is your transportation contract, print it and keep it until the end of the trip.
  • No changes are allowed and cancellations will be subject to a 15% surcharge

Five alternative itineraries

ROUTE 1 – Natural strawberries

Adults € 23
Children (from 1m to 1.40m high) € 10

It includes
– 9:50 to 10:50 Trip Round trip on the Strawberry Train
– Free visit to Aranjuez

ROUTE 2 – Strawberries with cream

Adults € 26
Children (from 1m to 1.40m high) € 17

It includes
– 9:50 to 10:50 Trip Round trip on the Strawberry Train
– 11:15 to 12:10 tourist train trip through Aranjuez (Chiquitrén)
– 4:30 p.m. to 5:45 p.m. Guided tour walking to the Garden of the Parterre and the Island

ROUTE 3 – Tajo Strawberries

Adults € 30
Children (from 1m to 1.40m high) € 19

It includes
– Round Trip in Tren de la Fresa
– Guided walking tour of the exteriors of the Royal Palace and the gardens of the Prince, Parterre and Rey
– Tourist boat tour (45 minutes) with soft drinks on board

ROUTE 4 – Real Strawberries

Adults € 30
Children (from 1m to 1.40m high) € 19

It includes
– Round Trip in Tren de la Fresa.
– Transfers from the station to the monumental area and return by coach.
– Guided tour of the Royal Palace (45 minutes)
– Visit to the Falúas Museum and the Prince’s Garden

ROUTE 5 – Strawberries with wine

Adults € 40
Children (from 1m to 1.40 high) € 22

It includes
– Round Trip in Tren de la Fresa
– Transfer to the winery and return by coach
– Visit to the Real Cortijo winery built by Carlos III in 1782 and tasting of two wines
– Visit to the bullring built by Carlos III in 1797