Tomorrow Saturday to the city of Madrid will arrive numerous figures of Playmobil that will be in charge of recreating some of the most famous moments in history.

This parade of figures that many consider a collector, arrives at the Toy Market in Madrid under the name of “PlaymoWorld”. It can be seen from February 24 to April 28 at the Plaza Loranca 2 Shopping Center. The exhibition will consist of 18 dioramas in which historical moments will be projected in a simple and humorous way.

Some of the historical moments that this army of figures will recreate will go from Ancient Egypt, the Medieval Age, the Romans, the Vikings, but also historical moments such as The Gypsy Ballads, the 1st Carlist War, Lights of Bohemia, the Station of Atocha or moments with greater current dye as the 400 anniversary of the Plaza Mayor.

In addition to enjoying this historic route, the visitor can walk along 30 exhibitors of antique toys and collectors, such as tin toys, Geyperman, Barbies, Nancys, Lego, Scalextric. All a moment ‘remember’ for those nostalgic.

-The schedule of the exhibition: From 10am to 8:30 p.m.

-Location: Plaza Loranca 2 Shopping Center (Av. De Pablo Iglesias, 17, 28942 Fuenlabrada, Madrid)

-Free entry

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