The annual appointment with Sustainable Fashion will be held on April 6 and 7. The meeting that brings together industry professionals from around the world, will be coordinated by Gema Gómez, Director of Slow Fashion Next and co-organized by the Costume Museum of Madrid.

We will have the opportunity to listen to some of the best national and international speakers who will tell us about their experiences and solutions, showing how fashion can become a tool for positive change. A unique opportunity for companies, professionals, journalists and all people with a desire to nurture knowledge about sustainability and the challenges that the 21st century poses for us.

The 7th Sustainable Fashion Conference comes to inspire us through networking activities, lectures, round tables, fashion shows, fashion shows and news. This edition is created with an integrating dynamic of concepts, to make us go further and to ask all attendees, measures and challenges that help to promote an authentic transformation and move towards a sustainable future.

We will talk about innovation through science, the experience of connecting in a different way with nature; how to create sustainable materials from that connection, creativity and design. We will talk about how progress goes hand in hand with sustainability and technology, with tools that will help us to scale good ideas, improve our society and quality of life.

There will be talk of value in the fashion sector, of the capacity that brands and consumers can have to improve the lives of many workers, the value of their decisions to support a quality job and worthy of many women in other parts of the world; of the value of social equality, economic growth and environmental protection.

We will talk about the emotional value that conscious consumption brings to people who know that when they open their closet they are collaborating in the construction of a fashion production and consumption system with a positive impact. Of the personal reward that implies the professional involvement in a sector that bets for values ​​and lives aligned with them, and in this way, with the future of the new generations.

Two days in which you will have the opportunity to enjoy, meet, share knowledge with great professionals; thanks also to the support and encouragement of sponsoring and collaborating companies and institutions: Main Sponsor: Signus Ecovalor, a non-profit organization that guarantees the correct environmental management of the tire at the end of its useful life. Premium Sponsors: MOMAD Metropolis, Provincial Council of Guipúzkoa and Secretariat of Sustainable Development of Cuernavaca-Morelos-Mexico. Collaborators: IED Madrid, Skunkfunk, El Naturalista, El Huerto de Lucas, Biobel de Jabones Beltrán, Lebenskleidung and Organic Cotton Colors.

Here all the information of the event: