The company Ópera Divertimento presents the classic fairy tale of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, turning it into a musical function for the whole family: The Magic Flute, your first opera. You can see it throughout the month of April.

A work where the buffa opera, the German folkloric tradition and the vaudeville go hand in hand with the most beautiful form that is adapting its argument to the youngest ones forming a montage with live music, audiovisual projections and a constant participation of the public.

Its objective is to offer a fun theatrical experience for the little ones to enjoy a musical genre unknown to many audiences such as opera, through the best artistic compositions of all time.

All this, through a colorful costume and a scene setting with rhythm and production, presents Prince Tamino, who, pursued by a snake, enters the territory of the Queen of the Night. You can know how this story ends by going with you and the whole family to see it.


On sale 8, 22 and 29 Apr


Bellas Artes Theater (Calle Marqués de Casa Riera, 2) Metro Sol


€ 10-12


Sun: 12:00