1Mr. Frank

TOP 5 - Romantic restaurants in Madrid in 2018

Our first! This restaurant has a very relaxed atmosphere, but at the same time the decoration and music make it a very romantic place for the most modern. The menu is not very extensive, but everything is prepared with good taste and accuracy, like its Iberian secret with almond sauce.

Address Calle de Jovellanos, 6. Madrid MAP
Official site frankfoodmanagement.com
Telephone 914 20 45 54


TOP 5 - Romantic restaurants in Madrid in 2018

It is part of our favorite French restaurants and eating here is a pleasure, because the chef puts a lot of care into what he does, transferring his feelings to his dishes.

Address Calle Trueba y Fernández, 16. Madrid MAP
Official site restaurantemaitia.com
Telephone 911 72 31 40

3Morao Tapas

TOP 5 - Romantic restaurants in Madrid in 2018

If you are more of pecking but do not want to lose the romantic touch, this is your option. The kitchen is uncovered, so you can see how they prepare everything or do the interesting explaining to your signing how they prepare what you have ordered.

Address Calle de Velázquez, 40. Madrid MAP
Official site moraotapas.com
Telephone 914 31 34 31


TOP 5 - Romantic restaurants in Madrid in 2018

Another is the Dabbawala. We love the decoration and atmosphere of this romantic restaurant with a somewhat complicated name, but what we like the most is its food. It could be said that they make a reinvention of very typical dishes adding original ingredients and giving rise to an excellent result, like their lentil cream with foie or their piglet confit with pina colada.

Address Calle el Españoleto, 10. Madrid MAP
Telephone 915 93 22 78

5El Jardín de Orfila

TOP 5 - Romantic restaurants in Madrid in 2018

Finally! It is the one of the most romantic restaurant into the Hotel that bears the same name. Although the ideal is to be able to enjoy its outdoor area, time does not accompany, but the interior is beautiful and perfect to get romantic because of its lighting.

Address Calle de Orfila, 6. Madrid MAP
Official site hotelorfila.com
Telephone 917 02 77 70